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The warm weather in summer always makes everyone at home want to spend all their weekends as well as afternoons in the pool. Before we even focus on summer, it’s important to understand everything that pertains pool chemistry so as to prevent your pool from becoming a bacteria bath or an algae-filled lagoon.

Chlorine is still used as the main pool maintenance chemical and there’s no way you’re going to avoid it. The climatic conditions of your area matter when it comes to maintaining and taking care of your pool. That explains why you’ll need to do more in summer as everyone enjoys splashing in your pool. Furthermore, what could be working in South Florida might not really work in New Jersey or New York. The bottom line here is that it’s important to understand your surroundings and how your local climate affects your pool. Here are some tips to help you maintain your pool and keep it looking good in summer.

A pool cover will help

This comes first because it will save you a lot of work as far as maintaining your pool is concerned. First of all, getting a pool cover will help in keeping the pool clean and reducing evaporation of the pool water. Do you know what this means to you? You won’t need to keep toping it up with water. Furthermore, you won’t have to add more chemicals to balance the water. You can guess how much a pool cover can save you in terms of cost.

Make sure the Strainer Baskets are Clean

Most people tend to ignore this task not realizing its significance. As a matter of fact, you won’t spend much time cleaning your strainer baskets. They should be cleaned severally every week. Cleaning the strainer baskets of your pool doesn’t just reduce the amount of chemicals you’ll have to add but also increases the filtration efficiency of your pool.

Skim your Pool on a regular basis

Skimming your pool on a regular basis prevents debris and other sediments from accumulating in your pool. We both know that feeling that comes with a dirty pool. You even don’t want to pass by.

Don’t forget to vacuum the pool

Your pool isn’t any different from your living room or home. The same way you’re committed to cleaning and vacuuming your home is how you should take care of your pool. According to experts, homeowners need to vacuum their pools at least once every week so as to keep the water clean and clear. You may consider using automatic vacuums to save on time. Don’t forget to clean the vacuum filter on regular basis.

Maintain the PH level of the pool water

Water testing should be done every week throughout the season to make sure it has the correct PH level. That should be somewhere between 7.2 and 7.8.

Ensure the pool filter is clean

Regardless of the type of filter you’re using, follow the owner’s manual when cleaning your pool filter. Considering the fact that we’re talking about the peak season, clean your pool a couple of times every month. Be careful not to do this too often as it may affect the efficiency of your pool filter.